Data Collection and Translation

Data is collected by local authorities' electoral registration departments during the autumn each year and is published in electronic format at the beginning of December.

Each elected person is entitled to a copy of the data and we make use of the MEP's copy, by asking them to arrange for the raw electoral data to be sent to us for translation into the standard EARS format. Unfortunately, in Wales, where there is no MEP, we rely on the individual EARS officers to arrange for this data to be sent to us.

Once the data is received in the correct format from the local authorities, and the annual maintenance and translation charges have been paid, we will then translate the data into EARS format and despatch to the EARS officers, along with the main annual upgrade of the program.

EARS officers can view progress at any time during this process by clicking on the translation status button and simply entering their licence number.


Ears officers will need to run the Merge program to incorporate the constituency's historic data into the new electoral roll. This program is also on the CD with the data and the updated EARS program.

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